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Group A

Low-Season price (Normally from DKK 650)

From DKK 455 per day

Group B

Low-Season price (Normally from DKK 750)

From DKK 525 per day

Group SUV

Low-Season price (Normally from DKK 850)

From DKK 595 per day

7 persons

Low-Season price (Normally from DKK 850)

From DKK 595 per day

9 persons

Low-Season price (Normally from DKK 995)

From DKK 695 per day

Medium Van

From DKK 490 per day


Low-Season price (Normally from DKK 2.000)

From DKK 1.400 per day

Price Table

Prices are shown pr. day.

Vehicle type1-2 days3-5 days6-13 days
BargainDKK 500DKK 400DKK 300
Group ADKK 850DKK 725DKK 580
Group BDKK 950DKK 800DKK 650
7 PersonsDKK 995DKK 895DKK 795
9 PersonsDKK 1500DKK 1250DKK 900
LuxuryDKK 2.000DKK 1.600DKK 1.400
VanDKK 750DKK 650DKK 490


  • Unlimited Kilometers FREE
  • SCDW (Highly Recommended) DKK 150 per day

    Reduce your self-risk from DKK 8.000 per accident to DKK 1.500 per accident

  • Additional Driver DKK 250 per driver
  • Wi-Fi Unit DKK 70 per day

    Enjoy unlimited high speed internet in your rental vehicle

  • Fuel Service DKK 850 per reservation

    Don't worry about searching for a gas station when returning the car. Let us refuel the vehicle for you

Terms and conditions

  • The rental vehicle must be returned with at least the same amount of fuel in the tank. If this condition is not met, an additional fee of 250 DKK will be applied. In addition, you will also be charged for the estimated value of fuel missing from the car.
  • To register a second driver to the rental vehicle a fee of 250 DKK will be applied.
  • If you drive through any of the subsea tunnels, this must be declared upon returnal of the vehicle. The subsea tunnel toll will be applied to your total bill.
  • Failure to declare subsea tunnel toll to us will result in an additional fee of 150 DKK.
  • The rental vehicle is insured with 8000 DKK in own risk.*
  • If the rental vehicle is involved in an accident and becomes damaged, the renting customer is obligated to inform the police and the insurance company. In the event that the renting customer is at fault, a fee of 8000 DKK will be applied to your total bill.*
  • The own risk fee of 8000 DKK can be reduced to 1500 DKK by paying an additional 150 DKK per day.*
  • Payment is required at the start of rent, unless agreed otherwise beforehand. Pay with either cash or card.
  • The renting customer has to be at least 20 years of age.
  • One day of rent in 24 hours fróm the start of rental. If you fail to deliver the rental on time, you will be charged an extra day. 
  • Smoking in the rental vehicle is strictly forbidden.

*Our luxury vehicles are insured with 18000 DKK in own risk instead of the usual 8000 DKK. It is not possible to reduce the own risk for rental of our luxury vehicles.